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my god

the Snape one gets me every time.



I cry tears of laughter

You don’t have a soul, only a series of complex chemical reactions.
— natural sciences teacher (via crazyteacherqoutes)
great idea: instead of going to war again, let's just pay off everybody's student loans and stop giving corporations tax cuts!


Are you serious about life like fucking hell.


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hi i was thinking of something today and it hit me and idk if it'll fit so i'm doing it in probably 2 parts? ok so you know how kishimoto emphasis sasuke's, naruto's, and gaara's past and their hardships? ok so we first have sasuke. the first female figure to love him (besides him mom lol) and accept him was sakura. then we have naruto, the first female figure to love him and accept him was hinata. but now here's where gaara comes in, the only female that didn't show fear towards him was matsuri


i was watching naruto episode 216 and i noticed that temari and kankuro had kids that wanted to be their apprentices but gaara didn’t because they all feared him but here comes in the only female that wasn’t afraid of him (matsuri) and asks him to be her sensei. it’s kinda funny because in part 2 we see that matsuri fell for him. each of the boys were accepted & loved by these girls despite the boys’ flaws. sakura = sasuke’s complex character, hinata = naruto’s kyuubi, matsuri = gaara’s shukaku.

Yes I totally agree, and that’s why it always been NH and SS, there hasn’t ever actually been rival pairings because it’s been clear since the beginning :)
The girls uncondtional love for their men is beautiful and they will all find their happiness ♥

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What if Sakura tells Sasuke she doesn't like what he's doing, and is going to side with Naruto like she should. But tells Sasuke she still loves him.


Well that would be logical because although Sasuke has good intentions, the way he is trying to do it is wrong so I don’t think anyone agrees with him and Sakura is not a fool, she loves Sasuke truly so she’s not going to go along with everything he wants, as we clearly seen in the land or Iron arc so i can see her telling Sasuke she doesn’t like or agree with what he’s doing but that she still loves him, but honestly I don’t see her siding with Naruto in that sense, even back to just before Sasuke left the village in the hospital, when Sakura ran in between them, or even in the land of Iron, she still didn’t take sides so I don’t think she will do that, she just wants Sasuke back for good and I think she will let Naruto do it at first and then she will help with it, reaching him emotionally as always ^^
I think this even more if she finally finds out about the Uchiha massacre, then she will understand everything, although she’s already been fairly understandable whenever it comes to Sasuke but when she finally finds out, she will understand even more so I think she will be rooting for both guys to not get hurt etc. but these are just my thoughts ^^


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Beatifulllllllllllllllllllllll ♥ 

see my video with this and more moments about Sasuke and Sakura of the firts part of naruto :D





I’m so happy with Storm Revolution and all implicit SS and NH (uzumaki and uchiha symbols in girls’clothes and ultimate jutsus)

Uchiha symbol in Sakura’s ultimate? Wheeeeeerr!!! Show me